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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Clinical Manifistations :)

Disneyholism, like any other addiction, progresses through several stages. Here is a typical example:

  • A healthy person visits a Disney theme park (children not required)

  • Upon returning home, the person is heard to rave about the visit, and mention how it would be fun to go again.

  • As the time approaches to plan the next vacation, said person reasons that since he or she had so much fun last year, a repeat performance is in order.

  • Person comes back from vacation and says they can’t wait to go again. There’s this business trip to Orlando coming up, and why not extend it by a few days to visit “The World” (note the beginning of language abnormalities)

  • While on the extended business trip, our patient purchases an Annual Pass to the parks, and takes a tour of the Disney Vacation Club (“I’m just curious”)

  • It’s all downhill from there…

Symptoms of my type of Disneyholism include frequent visits to a Disney theme park and/or frequent cruises on DCL (Disney Cruise Line). When not visiting the parks or cruising DCL, Disneyholics like me develop twitches and engage in obsessive planning of their next Disney vacation.

Language abnormalities are common among Disneyholics. A typical conversation may include the following exchange:

“When do you go next?”

“Week after my birthday. We’re staying at POR with the free DDP, and doing the PPP the night of the 3rd.”

“You’re going on M:S first thing again?”

“Always! Except this time I don’t think I’ll need an FP. I’m pretty upset, though, because BTMRR is down for refurbishment.”

Amazingly enough, this dialog makes perfect sense to a Disneyholics, since their brain structures have been modified to understand and accept this new language.

For the uninitiated, a quick glossary:

POR = Port Orleans, one of the moderate Disney Resorts

DDP = Disney Dining Plan. More on the DDP in an upcoming post.

PPP = Pirates and Princesses Party. An AWESOME event!

M:S = Mission:Space, an EPCOT ride. Originally one of Disney's more spectacular miscalculations, it now features a version suitable for almost everyone. M:S was built in collaboration with NASA, by the way.

BTMRR = Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, a pretty tame roller coaster, except for people like me, who can't take any flavor of roller coasters because of the sideways motion. I don't do roller coasters. But I digress...

Closed for refurbishment = Closed for maintenance. When attractions at Disney parks close for maintenance, they usually close from several days to several months.


  1. I'm still loving these, Dee! How many times have you been to a Disney theme park? Have you been to Orlando? You are a treasure trove of info! And I love the way you change the style each time.

    Thanks so much for your sweet remarks about my blog. Voice is very important to me. Thanks for the encouragement! I had every intention of writing a post about this morning at our house. I may get to it tomorrow, so I won't tell you now. Must hit the hay! It's been a long day

  2. Hi Dee, what a fun blog! My son and I visited Orlando for the first time last summer and truly, it's something to behold. I really like the "symptoms" of a Disneyholic and the glossary of special language; ties in perfectly with your theme. Would love to see a photo or link to Figment. Very nice blogging!

    Michelle Harvey

  3. Dee -- Your blog makes Disney World seem enticing -- even to those who've never entertained the slightest interest in visiting the fabled theme park. It's terrifically wise of you to write a blog about something you love to do and are, perhaps, a little obsessed with. And, of course, I like the inventive language for those who are similarly obsessed!

  4. Thanks for all your kind comments! This blog is fun to write.

    Michelle -- there is a link to a figment photo / illustration in my first post (click on Purple dragon-like creature).

    Laurel -- Disney World IS enticing. Keep reading and you'll find out :)

    Thanks again all of you for the encouraging feedback!

  5. Dee,
    It's great to see you having so much fun with this blog and it has a lot of character. This entry got a bit on the long side; I might suggest turning the funny Disneyholic-speak part of it into a whole blog entry unto itself. "Disneyspeak" (or something like it) should be its own category too. :-)

  6. Hey, Dee, did I miss what is PPP in the glossary? I could not guess... probably I haven't gone enough! YET :-) Thereza


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