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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

OK, So What is A Disneyholic?

In short, it's someone who's totally obsessed with Disney. There is a long answer of course.

Disneyholics come in various flavors. There are those whose entire houses are Disney-themed. Those who collect Disneyana and can tell you the complete history of each artifact at the drop of a hat. There are those who know everything that's going on in the company and can fairly reliably tell you what's coming up.

Then there are people, like me, who know a respectable amount of Disney minuteae (e.g. what was Mickey Mouse's original name? What's Donald Duck's Middle name?), but what makes us Disneyholics is our complete inability to stay away from the parks (in my case, Disney World in FL), and the fact we won't shut up about it. We also know a disgusting amount of park trivia. In fact, one of my best days was when, spending time in EPCOT with a friend and filling her head with completely useless information about the park, she said it was cool -- she felt like she had a private tour guide with her. Score!

Speaking of trivia, in case you're wondering:
1) Mickey's original name was to be Mortimer Mouse, until Lilian Disney nixed that idea and got Walt to call him Mickey. Smart woman!!
2) Donald's middle name is Fauntleroy.
3) My favorite characters are Donald and Eeyore. I mean, OK, Eeyore isn't originally a Disney character, but I really like his Disney-created personality.

There are other characteristics of my Disneyholism. For example, me and my fellow park Disneyholics tend to waste spend an enormous amount of time on places like the Disboards, a community that merits its own upcoming blog post. I promise. And we have our own language. Really! Wait for the next installment and I'll prove it :)

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