Thursday, April 23, 2009

Owner's Locker -- A New Appendage for Disney World Disneyholics

The evolution of a Disneyholic is an accelerated business. Whereas new body parts may take thousands of years to develop normally in an animal who needs it, many Disney World Disneyholics have developed an indispensable body part known as the Owner's Locker in the last several years. Keep in mind, Disney World only opened in 1971. We have it from reliable sources that several Disneyholics have 7 of these new appendages, and I know of at least one with 10 of them. I have 1, but I feel a second one coming on soon.

There are serious suspicions, however, that Owner's Locker may have been a genetic engineering experiment gone astray, rather than an actual evolutionary process. The prime suspects are a pair of mad scientists named John D. Van Meter and Brian L. Whitt. They are frequently spotted driving a purple van around Disney World resorts, taking pictures and delivering these detachable appendages to their victims customers.

Regardless of its origin, Owner's Locker is a stroke of luck (or genius) for all of us Disneyholics. These purple trunks hold a considerable amount of necessary stuff we Disneyholics can't live without. Before the advent of this miraculous appendage, we paid staggering extra luggage fees whenever we flew to Orlando. For example, we kept trying to figure out whether packing the kitchen sink was cheaper than buying one at WDW (Walt Disney World).

I keep a decent amount of clothes in my locker, as well as toiletries, batteries, first aid supplies, water wallet, bottle straps, sun screen, insect repellent, laundry detergent, and other things I can't live without while I'm in the Mouse House. I wish I could keep my son's clothes in there -- that would REALLY cut down on the packing -- but he's 12, and growing like a weed, so that's not practical.

I also have a pack of Earl Grey tea bags in my locker. I can't live without my Earl Grey, FL or not. It's great to relax with a hot cup of tea on the balcony at night, after a long day in the parks!

The problem with the purple trunks is that I keep thinking of more stuff to add, hence my suspicion that a new one is coming my way soon. For now, it's a real pleasure knowing my stuff will be waiting for me in my favorite place on Earth when I get there next. The Mad Scientists and the Bell Service people work together flawlessly, ensuring that my appendage is delivered to my room when I check in. When I check out, I repack the trunk and Bell Services pick it up from my room, taking it to their storage area where it is later picked up by the Purple Van.


  1. I agree, I don't know what I did BOL (before Owner's Locker). John and Brian are awesome and so are my lockers (yes plural) Deb Wills

  2. This is the first time I've heard of Owner's Locker. It's really a fantastic idea. I might have to look into this in the future once my daughter gets old enough to enjoy Disney.

  3. Gee, Dee, we've never been called an appendage before but I kinda like it!

  4. Well, the lockers are just as useful as appendages...IMHO :)

  5. LOL this is funny and I agree also. It quickly became hard to live without. It takes me just 1 hr to pack now instead of a whole weekend. Speaking of which, I'm leaving Wed, gotta get packing.........


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