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Saturday, April 11, 2009

"So are you, like, totally biased?"


(What, you want more details??)

OK, OK...

I love Disney World and Disney Cruise Line (DCL) to the point of obsession / addiction. I have to get back to WDW at regular intervals or I develop twitches and other bizarre symptoms. (I'd like to get back to DCL more often as well, but I have to win the lottery first).

That is not to say, however, that I think Walt Disney World or Disney Cruise Line are perfect, Utopian entities with nothing wrong in them, There are things that irk me or disappoint me about WDW (I've had a much longer history with WDW than DCL), or the company's policies as they affect the parks and resorts. I will offer "Disneyholic laments" throughout the blog. I still think, however, that Walt Disney World is a phenomenal vacation place. It is better than most other vacation destinations, in my opinion (why that is is a topic of an upcoming post), but it is, like any human endeavour, imperfect and sometimes driven more by the bottom line than by common sense. However, it is still, on the whole, fairly true to Walt's original vision. I pray that will never change, though sometimes I do worry.

And yes, if I could, I would live in the Castle! (Photo Credit: Me!)

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