Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 1, Part 1: The Big Reveal

I woke up at 2AM to finish some last minute packing (and because I was too excited to sleep much, as usual). At 3AM, I went into Keith's room with his monorail T-shirt. I woke him up. (I told him the day before we were going to Portland by train, because I wanted to make sure he packed himself some stuff to keep himself entertained for several hours.) The conversation went something like that:
"Keith, wake up. And wear this shirt. It's appropriate for where we're going."
(Yawn) "OK." Takes shirt, glances at it, puts it on.
(Me, disappointed) "Uh, OK, finish getting dressed."
(Yawn) "OK." Then he catches a glimpse of the clock. "Hey, it's only 3AM!"
"Yup, flight leaves at 6."
(Blank stare) "What flight?"
"Look again at your shirt."
(Looks down)"Yeah, we're going on the train, right?"
"Are you sure?"
(The light dawns) "WE'RE GOING TO DISNEY???"
I wish I had my camera for that, really.

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