Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pre-Trip Report

Did I mention we're going to Disney World? A pre-trip report ("pre-trippie") is a common occurrence among Disneyholics, who like to share the joy of the upcoming fix with anyone who'd listen (and some who won't, like the receptionist at my physical therapist's office). If you go on any Disney discussion board, you'll find many such reports.

Naturally, a Trip Report follows a pre-trippie. We'll see how good I am at updating while in The World itself. I have a poor track record, but then again I never had a serious blog before.

The motley crew for this upcoming trip consists of myself, my almost-13 year old son who's currently seriously in the dog house, his friend Tyler, and Tyler's grandma / guardian Jane. Jane shares my birthday and my obsession with Disney World.

In 2007 I got Jane to buy into the Disney Vacation Club (of which we are members). She got bonus points for joining when she did (right place at the right time, some people are lucky!) She is generously using these points for our accommodations as well, so I have extra points to use this year, or rent so I can pay for my next Disney fix.

This is me, December 2008 (I'm the one with the glasses):

Here's Keith, same trip:

Tyler, August 2007:

And Jane, August 2007:

My son hasn't actually been told we're going. I was trying to keep it a surprise. I think he might be on to it, though, because the other day I left a piece of paper lying around that I shouldn't have. However, if he saw it, he's playing along. We'll see what happens when I wake him up to go to the airport...

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  1. Wow, Dee! After following this blog for so long, I feel like doing the single-digit dance with you! Perhaps I will do the I Wish I Was Coming Too dance.

    Have fun!!!!!!!


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