Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gone but Not Forgotten: Captain EO

One of the downsides of being a Disneyholic is that I have been very intimately familiar with so many great attractions that are now gone from Disney World. Indeed, I question the wisdom of removing many of these attractions, especially considering what took their place. In the case of Captain Eo, unfortunately, the removal probably made political sense for Disney, since it starred Michael Jackson. The movie closed in Disney parks world-wide while Jackson was being investigated for child molestation. Coincidence? Probably not.

But Captain Eo is a gem, as far as I'm concerned. At the time it was filmed, directed by Francis Coppola and executive produced by George Lucas, Eo was the most expensive film ever made, in terms of money spent per minute. It was also a 3-D movie, rich in special effects (remember, we're talking George Lucas and the Disney Imagineers), and had amazing music. Think what you will of Jackson, the man could sing, and he could move! The cast also featured Angelica Houston as the menacing Supreme Leader, who is transformed into a beautiful queen through Eo's music and magic.

The movie is an awesome bland of music, 3-D special effects, and a simple, predictable story that leaves you grinning in spite of yourself. It concerns a band of galactic losers led by "the infamous Captain Eo" (Jackson) who get one last chance to get it done right -- they have to deliver a gift to the Supreme Leader of a desolate planet. While Eo's sidekicks (really lovable puppets) doubt their ability to complete the mission, Eo refuses to give up and in the end, proves that believing in yourself is the key to achieving the impossible. Pretty cool message.

You can catch any Disney attraction on youTube, of course, and Eo is no exception (except it's not in 3-D, and the quality is not great). While Disney has shown, so far, no intention of releasing the movie once it was gone, it lives in video clips on the net. But I really miss seeing it at EPCOT. I miss it every time I go there. I'm sorry, but Honey, I Shrunk the Audience (Eo's "replacement") just doesn't do it for me.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mickey's Voice...

I just found out that Wayne Allwine, who was Mickey's voice since 1977 (and was married to Minnie's voice) died 5/18/2009...Here are the AP obit and his Disney profile


Monday, May 18, 2009

ADR Time!!!

A Disneyholic's brain works in mysterious ways. I mean, who in their right mind would get excited about making dining reservations at 4am (PST)???

The Disney World reservation system allows people to make what's known as Advanced Dining Reservations 90 days before their desired dining date. Members of the Disney Vacation Club, of which I am one, are allowed to make dining reservations 90 days +10, meaning we can make reservations for the first 10 days of our trip at the 90 day mark of our arrival date, instead of calling daily.

So the plan is for me to try and call when the phone lines open (7am EST, 4am PST) and try to get reservations to:

Crystal Palace
San Angel Inn
Tutto Italia
50s Prime Time Diner
Kona Cafe
Donald's Safari Breakfast at Tusker House
Chefs de France
Garden Grill
Tea @ the Gardenview Lounge (Grand Floridian)

I also need to call the T-Rex restaurant in Downtown Disney. This is not a Disney-owned restaurant, so reservations are separate.

(My son, being silly at T-Rex, 2008)

We'll be there from 8/17-29, and I'm actually being light on the sit-down restaurants this time. But like all other true Disney World Disneyholics, just the act of making these reservations is enough to get me VERY excited!

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