Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Cultural Revolution :)

I had always been amazed that an innovative company like Disney stayed rather behind the times when it came to its use of new technology (mainly the web) in its customer service endeavors. This seems to be changing, finally. And, being a nerd in addition to a Disneyholic, I find this change exciting.

For starters, Disney is revamping its web sites (though I still find the Disney World site annoying and awkward to use). I really like the new look of the Disney Cruise Line site, for example. That site has always been one of their better sites.

What I find truly exciting are the new conveniences that are now available to guests, before they ever leave home, through online enhancements. Disney has recently added online dining reservations. This means I can check the availability of a restaurant, starting at the 90-day reservation window, multiple times daily. For my upcoming trip, I was already able to take advantage of this service. Told initially that a restaurant I wanted was not available at all in the time-period I was interested in, I managed to get a reservation online several days later, without having to repeatedly call back and annoy the reservation agents :).

Another new service I get to try shortly is the online check-in. Disney has made it so resort guests can fill out check-in information online, and their room key and welcome folder will be waiting for them in a special area at their hotel when they arrive. I'm looking forward to trying it out. Stay tuned!

The third enhancement I like is the "mobile room-ready notification." Guests who arrive at resort hotels before their room is ready are always able to store their luggage with Bell Services and head to the parks, but traditionally had to call the front desk or check back in person multiple times to find out when their room is ready. They can now opt to leave a cell phone number, and get a text message or an automated call when their room is ready, saving quite a bit of hassle.

I'm pretty sure Disney is finally fully embracing the 21st Century!

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